Monthly Archives: April 2014

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while & decided to finally jump in with both feet discussing a large part of my life: my geek side.  To quote a stereotypical hipster, I was a geek before it was cool.  Well, that may not be a 100% true. Being a tomboy, I already had a built in uniqueness.  The fact that I played sports well, loved video games, read comic books, & collected baseball cards was initially met with suspicion by boys, but quickly it was apparent that I had credibility.  Obviously, most girls were not as thrilled by my acceptance by the guys.  The beauty of it is that, even before the amazing simultaneous outreach & community created by the internet, when you love something you can’t help but find likeminded others, no matter the gender.

As a child of the (early) ’80s, Atari, NES, Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Fraggle Rock, Teddy Ruxkin, et. al. were a huge part of my life.  Of course, this continued & evolved throughout my life.  So, my goal with this blog is to express my never-ending joy in showing my geek side & sharing it with my fellow geeks out there. So, let the journey begin!