Showing my geekiness via my iPhone 4S

So, I love my tech!  Video games, computers, gadgets, cellphones, & more.  I’ve been jailbreaking my iPhone since back when I had a 3G!  I just love having control of my iPhone.  One of the ways I like to express my geek side is by adding tweaks & themes to my handy iPhone.  Currently, I am sporting a mix of fandoms on my lock screen that I wanted to share:

iphone lockscreen

I’m sporting Doctor Who logo in place of my carrier name thanks to Zeppelin & Doctor Who Mega carrier pack, changed my slider to include MegaMan, & instead of the stock camera grabber icon I have Star Wars Rebel Logo.

I like to switch the look up, so I am probably going to mix it up again in a week.  I figured I should take not of what I had already chosen & what had motivated me to choose each item in the first place. This way I can have guidelines when looking for replacements.  There is no shortage of tweaks & themes, so without an idea it can be quite daunting.  I used to have my wifi signal strength themed with Super Mario Bros. mushrooms: red was weak, orange was good, & green was excellent.  Haven’t been able to find a replacement compatible with iOS7, but I am constantly checking for something like that.

On top of the visual expression of my geekiness, I also have ringtones & alert sounds from Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Level 1, Super Mario Bros., Doctor Who, Chuck, & Assassin’s Creed.  One lesson I learned the hard way: the TARDIS sound is awesome when you are expecting it, but out of no where it can be pretty jarring & a bit freaky.

How do you express your geek side via your tech: computers, smartphones, video game consoles, & more?

4 thoughts on “Showing my geekiness via my iPhone 4S

    1. Izzy Post author

      Thanks so much for checking out my post & commenting, Megan! If you have an iPhone running iOS 7.04 or under, chances are I can help you jailbreak it easily! 🙂

  1. Meeshell

    For a bit, I had the TARDIS as my alarm sound. Poor woman’s version of the TARDIS alarm clock… hehe.

    1. Izzy Post author

      Meeshell, you are too funny. I did, too, for a time, but had to change it. I was thrilled when I found the TARDIS sound, but then after some time it just freaked me out every time I got an alert, it just sounded like the TARDIS was mad. Now I have the sound of a chest opening in Legend of Zelda, much happier initial response.


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