SDCC Countdown series

The SDCC adventure continues …

Today involved a flurry of Comic Con related activity.  I’m had started trying to plan out my schedule without overdoing it, but I’m starting to lean towards planning big & then I can always choose to cut a couple things out.  Better than not planning enough & missing out!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am part of the wonderful Google+ group, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Community, & was sent a notification this afternoon regrading Chris Hardwick’s @midnight Live podcast early bird sale opening, including the needed ticket code to participate in the early bird sale.  Well, I wasted little time heading over to the Balboa Theatre website & purchasing my ticket for Friday night’s show.  That is one more item on my SDCC Bucket List (post with complete list coming soon) checked off!

Next, I was checking out another great SDCC blog chuck full of useful info, SDCC Unoffical Blog, & came across the Off-Site Events Calendar.  This promoted me to remember I had wanted to check out the San Diego Symphony’s Comic-Con Concert series ever since I read that JJ Abrams’ Star Trek would be shown with live symphony accompaniment.  While I was looking for that show, I saw that Thursday night is the Video Game concert & I bought my grandstand ticket. Wasn’t the Star Trek concert, which is on Saturday night & conflicts with Masquerade (also on the SDCC Bucket List), but still another item on my SDCC Bucket List checked off!  Right after buying my ticket, I noticed a serendipitous notification from San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Community announcing a two pass giveaway!  I signed up just in case; I’m still eyeing the concert of Danny Elfman’s music from Tim Burton films on Friday night ,but wasn’t sure if I would be cutting it too close to get to @midnight 30 minutes later.  If you’d like to take your chances to win, check out the contest details.

Also on the Off-Site Events Calendar listed for Sunday evening, The Voice Tour.  For under $50, it will be a great end to my SDCC adventure!

What off-site events have you already made arrangements for or are hoping to attend?

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