Female Geek Bloggers Con-At-Home Hangout #8 Sci-Fi

#FGBSciFi – Con-At-Home Hangout: Sci-Fi

Monday night, I participated in the Female Geek Bloggers Con-At-Home Hangout #8 Sci-Fi with Kelsey & Amanda.  It was great fun, as has been my experience with these hangouts. Check out the video!

We discussed a wide array of sci-fi: spanning from movies, to animation, to books, & to tv.  A little Star Wars, Star Trek, Ender’s Game series, Doctor Who, Serenity/Firefly, & more!

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Kelsey @craftylilkels   aprilsprinkles.blogspot.com 

2 thoughts on “#FGBSciFi – Con-At-Home Hangout: Sci-Fi

  1. Kelsey

    I had a lot of fun with that hangout and you two! 🙂 It was great getting to hear about Sci-Fi from the perspective of others. You both had lots of great thoughts and comments!


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