Some snazzy new upgrades to my blog!

I am pleased to announce that I finally installed Photoshop on my new laptop!  It allowed me to create my nifty new header (please see above).  I am thrilled with how my sketches representing a snippet of my geek outs turned out.  The TARDIS looks a bit unstable, but I kind of like how it appears to be in flux, making it extra timey wimey.

I will be adding to them as time passes, but it is seriously already crazy late/early in the morning & I have a very long day of waiting in airports tomorrow.  Why must inspiration always strike at the most inappropriate times!  Actually, <light bulb!> I can sketch whilst seemingly endlessly waiting at the airport for my connecting flight!

Well, now that I have finished a project I was working on the last two weeks, I will be back to blogging, & apparently sketching some more.

I’m trying to think of what I can draw to represent The Lord of the Rings series, since I tried drawing the ring & it looked incomprehensible!  Any ideas?  I’m open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Some snazzy new upgrades to my blog!

    1. Izzy Post author

      Thanks so much, Kyla! I am very excited about all the different aspects of creating my blog. Thanks for begin a part of it.


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