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Enroute to SDCC 2014! Wednesday 23rd Recap

So my day started quite early, as I had to get to the airport by 6 AM in order to catch my 1st flight to San Diego.  Check in was pretty smooth, which was very important since i was still a bit sleepy.  I had planned on sleeping on the 1st leg, but didn’t fall asleep.  When I arrived to Houston, I got to use the automated immigration kiosk.  Pretty nifty & a bit creepy simultaneously.  I had 2 hours between flights & so I was able to get some food.  The side effect was that I now had 10-15 minutes before boarding during which to charge my iPad & back-up battery (blanked out last night & forgot to do so last night!).  I figure approximately 80% of the people are on this flight for Comic-Con.  We board, all is well … until it’s not.   There is an overheating notification on the flight deck & back to the gate we go.  Need to get a new plane & now our arrival is delayed for 2-ish hours (still waiting for the plane as I write this).  This eats into my “I have enough time to get a bunch of things before picking up my badge & attend Preview Night” plans.  Eek!

Speaking of my pre-con check-list …

This time delay, as it were, is more problematic than I would have liked because I was actually going to go get a cellphone before heading to the convention center & now, I’m not sure about my time table.  About a week ago, my  power/sleep button on my trusty, unlocked iPhone 4S stopped responding.  At first I hoped it was just the new case I had recently started using.  Took the case off & no change.  I had a work around because I just modified my settings so my screen would lock sooner to compensate for no longer having control of the sleep button.  I had (naively) hoped I could make it a couple more weeks for the release of new cellphone models in the early fall.  Well, my phone had other plans it seems; 2 nights ago, my phone froze up & the easy solution to this problem was no longer possible: hard reseting my phone by holding down the Home & Power/Sleep buttons simultaneously for a bit.  That is not going to happen now.  I tried going to the Apple authorized tech center in my town (I’m currently living outside of the U.S.) & was told that for iPhone 4 & 4S they do not repair the button & cable (which I found out is a common failing issue regarding both models) so my only option was to buy a new 4S for $300.  Okay, never mind, crazy people.  For that, I’ll buy a new unlocked phone to use in the meantime while in San Diego & then when I get back home as soon as I get in San Diego … or at least that was the plan before my 2nd flight got delayed. I now arrive at 3:45 PM instead of 1:45 PM & need to get to my hotel, check-in, drop off my stuff, pack my con backpack, figure out how to get to a Best Buy or something, get to one of the shuttle stops & head down to the convention center to pick up my badges!  Also, I need to eat sometime between all of that.

Airport wifi, you tricky temptress

As soon as we were told that we’d be taken back to the gate & reassigned to another airplane, my initial reaction was “Great! Now I can charge my devices a bit more & surf the net to find more info about which San Diego Best Buy has the unlocked phone I need to buy, etc.  I got off the plane, quickly found a seat & opened my laptop to find out what the situation was with the Airport wifi.  Turns out I could get 45 minutes of complimentary internet courtesy of Biongo.  Sold!  I accepted the terms & was able to download a pic of my SDCC badge barcode onto my iPad (I had it stored as a PDF on my iphone, but now that is inaccessible).  Then about 2 minutes into my complimentary 45 minutes, we were notified of our new gate in a different terminal.  I get over to the new gate & try to hop back onto the Biongo.  It says it has full signal …

tricky airport wifi

It says I can join the network … until it times out indefinitely.  Oh, Biongo wifi Hotspot, why are you lying & getting my hopes up?

tricky wifi denial

After being frustrated for quite a while, it was finally time to board!

I arrived at LAX & hoped on the Super Shuttle to my hotel.  Now I had to check-in, drop my bags off in my room, freshen up, & locate where to buy a phone.  I headed over to the Best Buy in Mission Valley & took a taxi down to the Convention Center.

SDCC experience begins!

selfie after getting my SDCC badges

I picked up my badge & took it all in! I was finally at my first SDCC!  I went down to the Exhibition Floor, albeit with only 1 hour left, to try to see as much as I could.

Here are some glimpses of what I saw as soon as I entered the floor:

San Diego International Comic-Con 2014 Preview Night First Impressions

I only stayed within a tiny portion of the floor, but these are just a few of the sights encountered on the Exhibition Floor:


It was almost too much to take in all at once.  Having so many people coupled with very tiny & detailed items at different booths, it was a lot just looking around.  Plus there is a large portion of people power walking to booths in order to buy the SDCC exclusive merchandise before it sells out.  Very hectic, but exhilarating.  I came across the Star Wars toy booth & saw a lot of cool casts & busts of Star Wars figures (see pic above).  I turned a corner & ran into Final Fantasy figures.  I was able to play the PS3 demo of Kingdom Hearts 2 (see pic above for screenshot of the home screen), which was fun.  I tried to buy a Doctor Who shirt from the BBC America booth (see pic above), but they had just closed the line in order to finish all sales prior to the Exhibition Floor closing.  There was a big WETA booth with all kinds of props & Lord of the Rings/Hobbit stuff, including a life-sized Azog (see pic above). a further down there was a Game of Throne life-sized guy (see pic above) that was all kinds of creepy looking.  And with that it was time to leave!

View of Gaslamp Quarter from Convention Center

As the Exhibition Floor closed, it was an exodus onto the streets, with almost everyone heading over to the Gaslamp Quarter.  I stopped by Syfy’s Ascension Cafe, as they promote the show & had a burger for dinner.

SyFy takes over Ascension Cafe

I’ll be posting the SDCC related sights of the Gaslamp Quarter in a future post.  Geeking out 24/7 while here!


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