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SDCC Countdown: Ultimate Panel Wish List (3rd & Overly Ambitious Draft)

So, I was without constant reliable internet the last 2 weeks & it was torture!  During that time, I was able to get a glimpse of the SDCC Unofficial Blog’s panel announcements & create my 2nd draft of SDCC Ultimate Panel Wish List. Now that I am back in the world of the inter-webs, I am on geek out overload with all of the SDCC panels announced!  Here is a screenshot of my overly ambitious SDCC Panel Wish List:My-overly-ambitous-SDCC-ultimate-list

Making a list & checking it twice …

So, yeah.  Reality set in once I glanced at my Calendar, after gleefully & blissfully clicking away on all the panels that sounded enticing on MySched.  I have some pretty tough choices, many of which will be made for me by the requirements of overnight camping for Hall H.  As I have stated, my original mindset was plan big & then be flexible.  I don’t want my first SDCC to be overwhelming in a negative way, but I am also (clearly) a wee bit too ambitious.  Oh yeah, and this isn’t even considering Nerd HQ nor GamerCon.  The only off-site events I am already certain I will be attending are the San Diego Symphony’s Video Game Concert, <fingers-crossed> the APPLESEED ALPHA screening (still holding out for more tickets to become available for those on the waiting list), @midnight, The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fan Dinner, & The Voice Tour (just because).

Brand new information:

Toucan Tracker Wristbands for the initial morning panel in Hall H were announced today. This is the first year SDCC uses this system, & only for Hall H, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes.  This now brings a different dynamic of starting the camping out early & then once receiving a wristband, being able to take shifts with your line group mates with (hopefully) less line drama.

Other considerations:

In a previous post, I talked about how I take certain steps to minimize the symptoms of my fibromyalgia when traveling by plane.  I need to remind myself that I will need to be careful not to let my overly ambitiousness cause a flare up of my symptoms during SDCC & then result in me missing a full day, etc. With this reality check, & of course the ridiculous visual of my SDCC panel wish list, I don’t think camping overnight for Hall H or even Ballroom 20 is in the cards for me.  Unless I can find a group at SDCC that will enable me to start off in line until 1 AM, then leave to sleep in my hotel & return in the early morning with food & beverage reinforcements, I will just need to take my chances during the day for later panels in those large venues.

The SDCC planning continues, as I await what NerdHQ has in store.  All in all, I know I will be having an amazing experience & I know that during it I will be able to measure out my energy & time in away that maximizes my fun without costing me a lot of mandatory downtime as a result.

9 days & counting!

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