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Couldn’t get SDCC 2015 badges, now what?

I was one of the many who embarked on the quest to secure SDCC 2015 badges this past Saturday during the Online Open Registration.  Unfortunately, also like many, I was left in the purgatory that is the spinning blue dot waiting room for a total of 2 hours with no spoils at all.SDCCOOR-ends

This was only my second year trying to secure badges to SDCC.  My first was 2014 & I had the SDCC gods smile upon me with 4 Day badge plus Preview night on my very first try.  Therefore, not getting a badge this year was disappointing, but not wholly unexpected. I know of many who have tried for years without securing a badge at all.   I am by no means bitter that I didn’t get a badge, just bummed because I was looking forward to reliving all the geeky goodness I reveled in last year.

Is there a glimmer of hope that there will be a badge resale?  SDCC-2015-resale-unlikelySeeing as there wasn’t a badge resale at all last year, the outlook is grim.  Badges sold out in under one hour this past Saturday, so I doubt there will be that many people who will return their badges.

So, now that the harsh reality of not securing a single badge for SDCC this year has set in, what is my next move?

I’m not really sure.  My going to San Diego at all is definitely up in the air at this point.  Last year, I was completely consumed with SDCC badge related everything, that I really only had time & energy for 2 unofficial events.  Was there a lot concurrently going on in San Diego that I could have seen/done? Absolutely!  I just didn’t have the time nor energy to cram more than I already was able to cram.  [Check out my overly ambitious panel schedule for last year!]  I didn’t get a chance to do anything at PetCo Park, nor NerdHQ, nor Game-con.  But, is the cost of lodging counterbalanced by all of the unofficial/other events?  I don’t know.  I would be going alone again, which means I would be the sole person paying for a room during the peak of San Diego tourism.  It makes a lady think twice.

I’d love to hear in the comments what you have done in the past or are planning for this year.

6 thoughts on “Couldn’t get SDCC 2015 badges, now what?

  1. Jcarter

    Going by yourself without a Con badge makes it a little tough, but you could just decide to make it a San Diego vacation and do the stuff outside the Con whenever you feel like it. There’s also a chance that you could something like a Sunday badge for real cheap. You’re not supposed to, but it’s an option. Staying outside the Con zone could also lessen the cost of the hotel, but of course you’d have to stay way out.

    I’ve been very lucky, but I brace myself every year for the fact that I might not get anything. With friends going, I’d still go, and just hang out by the pool during the day, hit the extras, take a boat trip, and so on. Then we could do our usual eating-and-drinking-too-much thing in the evenings. A few friends have done that when not getting a badge for every day.

    You might also be able to find a roommate for the Con. I’m sure there’s someone that will need a room, or be happy to share with one other person, rather than 3 or 4. That could be very hit or miss though, obviously.

    There’s also the option of trying to hit a different Con. Dragon Con in Atlanta is supposed to be really good, but also hard to get into. WonderCon was pretty good the year I went, but I think it’s not until the beginning of next year. There’s also Emerald City, and the New York Con.

    I hope something works out for you, and if not, good luck for next year!

    1. Isabel Post author

      Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I am still a bit hesitant on sharing a room with someone I don’t know (virtually or IRL). I had a horrible college roommate that I was “matched” with & I guess that is where it ultimately stems from.

      I definitely have my eye on NY Con, Dragon Con, etc. And of course, the hope lives on for SDCC 2016!

  2. Gladys

    I went last year with my boyfriend and his daughter without badges. Granted his daughter lives in San Diego county and we are in SF, we made it a mini vacation and had a blast. She’s 11 years old and had fun too! We zip line through Gotham, walked through Homer’s head, I managed 4 NerdHQ panels, we played lazer tag, walked the Godzilla exhibit, she got to see a lot of cosplayers, and when she got picked up, me and the boyfriend went to bars that were hosted by shows/studios, saw the first 2 eps of The Strain at the theater. There was a lot for us to do!

    We did have to fight hotels and ended up at one about 30 mins away on shuttle. This year, we are looking at renting a condo but they are just as expensive at the hotel rooms. Only issue we have is finding other folks to split the rooming situation because we have a kid.

    I got lucky and I will be volunteering. we attempted at least a Thursday badge for him so we could bring the little one. She’s been going since she was 3 and we missed the last 2 years. We didn’t luck out for them but he’s still going to go and bring her along for all the stuff outside.


    1. Isabel Post author

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience sans badges last year. I know that there is a lot to do, but like you mentioned the cost of getting a room or condo is hefty. As a solo traveler at this point, it may be the thing that decides it in the end. Have a blast & share lots of pics, please!

  3. david

    I was lucky enough to secure a 4 day badge. The last 2 years, I was on the outside looking in after going the 11 years prior….
    Unfortunately, I am only going to be able to go Thursday due to a new job, so not sure what to do about Fri,sat,sun..

    1. Isabel Post author

      Hi David, thanks for leaving me a comment. First off, congrats on the 4-day badge & the new job. Secondly, sucks that these two conflict. I guess you are going to sell them back to Epic? Have you done that before? Reading your comment made my inner voice go, “So you are saying there is still a chance?!” Hehehe. Well, have a blast on Thursday & get the most out of it while you are there!


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