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Good to know: Turns out I’m a D-4 Mentalist.

I was catching up on Facebook the other day & was pleased to see that one of my friends had recently completed, & of course posted results of, “What is Your Superhero Archetype?”  My geekiness couldn’t resist; so, of course, I checked it out.  The personality quiz asks you 12 or so questions based on Jungian theory before it reveals your archetype.  I got D-4 Mentalist, with notable members including Professor X & Martian Manhunter.

First of all, I have always regarded myself as “brainy” and so this result was a comfortable one.  Secondly, I apparently shared a personality archetype with the Martian Manhunter!  How did this test know that the Martian Manhunter is one of my absolute favorite members of the Justice League?!  J’onn J’onnz is such a complex & badass character, and wholly underrated IMO.  And while she is not mentioned in the results, Emma Frost is also a D-4 mentalist, & well she is the Queen of Badass.  I’m not sure why this was so reassuring.  Hehe, I guess that is what makes it a fun personality test.

Here is an image of my complete results:

D-4 Mentalist Superhero Archetype

My results on the “What Is Your Superhero Archetype?” personality quiz on

Have you taken this quiz?  What did you get?  Did it resonate with what you perceive your personality to be?

3 thoughts on “Good to know: Turns out I’m a D-4 Mentalist.

  1. Laura

    That was an interesting quiz. Thanks for sharing! I got ULS Classification: E-5 Label: Elementalist
    Powerset: Element (water, wind, earth, fire) manipulation; communication with animals, nature empathy, animalistic characteristics (specific or general)
    Notable Members: Storm. Iceman, The Human Torch, Aquaman, Animal Man,

  2. Jcarter

    I got:

    ULS Classification:F-6
    Label: Fundamental Forces
    Powerset: Manipulate/control forces of physics and similar characteristic (e.g. gravity, light, magnetism, density, probability, etc.); telekinesis
    Notable Members: Invisible Woman, Marvel Girl, Magneto, Shadowcat, Vision, Flash

    Not too shabby. I’d be totally fine with having any of those powers.


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