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SDCC Open Reg is coming!

So, if you have wanted to go to SDCC this summer & have not been under a rock in the last week, you know that the open registration for badges is being held this Saturday, February 21st!  Squee!

My first SDCC experience was last year, after realizing much too late in 2013 that I needed to register for a Member ID FIRST ( a classic newbie mishap) & therefore having to wait a year for my opportunity.  I absolutely hit the jackpot right out of the gate & was able to get a Four Day Badge plus Preview Night for SDCC 2014!  It was everything my little geek heart ever wanted: got all possible badges, secured a hotel room on the shuttle route during Hotel-mageddon, got into Hall H with an unheard of 15 minute wait, got into Ballroom 20 with approximately 30 minute wait, & many more SDCC blessings.Selfie-waiting-in-line-at-the-Amazon-Geek-Boutique-(titled)

As I looked forward to SDCC 2015, I was (im)patiently awaiting the Pre-reg sale with baited breath … only to have it land on the very day of my half-brother’s wedding  … at a resort with wonky wifi & equally sketchy cell coverage!  Needless to say, I was unable to successfully log into the waiting room & thus missed out on the opportunity to secure my badges back in November 2014.pre-reg-sdcc2015-fail

Now, the date for Registration is a few days away & I am looking forward to taking my chances of securing my SDCC 2015 badges, along with a gazillion others.  Maybe not a gazillion, but definitely more demand than there are available badges.  Here is to hoping my SDCC luck continues!  May the odds be ever in our favor!

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