Defined my childhood: console video games

Defined my Childhood: Space Invaders (ATARI 2600)

Space Invaders retro video gameContinuing my exploration into the home console video games that Defined My Childhood, starting in chronological order with my ATARI 800 & 2600, I dedicate this post to Space Invaders on the ATARI 2600.

Space Invaders (ATARI 2600)

In preparation for this series, I asked my mom what games she remembered me playing often as a child, & one of the first games she mentioned was Space Invaders.  I remember Space Invaders fondly, but she emphatically stated I played it almost every single day for hours at a time as a very young child.  The game came out for the ATARI 2600 in 1980, but I’m not sure if we got it right away.  My mom says she remembers me playing this game at a very early age.

I’m sure that many of you have seen this game in an arcade at some point, but my first exposure was in my home on the ATARI 2600.  This is probably where my fondness for Galaga and shooters originated.  But funnily enough, I don’t think I played Galaga on our ATARIs at home nor did I play Space Invaders at the arcade.  I’m just weird like that, I guess.  This game laid the groundwork for my taste in, & definitely for my love for, video games.  Looking back at this game, it was also probably extremely helpful in mastering my left/right dyslexia, honing my eye-hand coordination, as well as timing in general.  Hours of fun, over countless days of my childhood.

Do you have any ATARI memories?  Or any Space Invaders memories?  Which home console video games helped define your childhood?

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