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Got a shout out!

I was checking my Twitter feed, when I received a notification stating the @FemHype had mentioned me.

Tweet of FemHype mentioning My Geek Side Is Showing

So I went to check it out & was thrilled to see that my blog was featured in their Sunday Loot #InternationalDayofHappiness in Gaming post! The gamer in me was simply giddy to be included.

Featured on FemHype

screenshot of My Geek Side Is Showing featured on FemHype.com

I had been meaning to get back into blogging, after my year hiatus, but hadn’t fully committed to it until this shout-out of the best kind. I’d been dabbling staying current with my FB page &¬†Pinterest boards, but not with the blog itself. Between work & moving, it has been on the back-burner.

In preparation for the two cons I will be attending this year, SuperCon & SDCC <squee!>, I am excited to get back to sharing my geekiness! Plus, I just got a Groupon for lightsaber classes & I’ll definitely document that experience.

Well, here is to a geeky, fun-filled 2016!