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My Geek Side Is Showing Blog Series: Crafty Geek Corner

Crafty Geek Corner: Nintendo NES DIY

In this new blog series, Crafty Geek Corner, I will highlight my favorite pins each Monday. This will hopefully accomplish two of my goals: 1) continue time management & blog consistency, & 2) share more ways to geek out over fandoms with all of you!

This week’s installment is all about Nintendo & nostalgia!

DIY NintendoNintendo NES Controller DIY Crafty Geek  Corner

To continue my reminiscing all things NES from my latest Defining My Childhood post, this week’s Crafty Corner takes me to the crafty depths of my childhood nostalgia.

NES controller wallet

As you can tell from my blog’s header, one of the things I geek out over the most is NES. In fact, that is my hand-drawn sketch of the controller that most defined my childhood. While I have a bit of a problem destroying a still functioning controller, I think this would be great to do on orphaned controllers found at garage sales, etc.

NES controller inspired Converse

I love this idea, because they are a great conversation piece. A little fabric paint, a few brushes, & a pair of hi-top black Converse Chucks & you are good to go!

NES controller rug

Nintendo NES controller DIY rug

via pinterest.com

I tried finding the source of this image, but it is somewhere in the depths of another image aggregate &, well, thank goodness for Pinterest. From this pin & the accompanying caption, it seems this could be accomplished using a latch hook.  Definitely worth a try!

NES Controller Quirky Lamp

This last one is super quirky, but would fit in perfectly in my upcoming home office/den/gaming room. If the Light Zapper’s trigger was also the on/off switch, this would be mind-blowing.

Well, that is all for today! In the meantime, feel free to share links to your own NES inspired DIY posts in the comments.  I’ll gladly pin them to my Crafty Geek Pinterest board!

Join me next week for a look at more crafts!